Children’s climber- Giga

Children’s climber- Giga

Giga is made of plastic-covered braided cable with a diameter of 16 mm, which is available in red, yellow and blue color. The client must make a concrete foundation in the size of 900x900x900 mm, in which it must be rigidly clamped a steel tube (diameter of 159 mm, wall thickness of the tube 5 mm). The floor under climber (in a circle with a diameter of 4600 mm) should be protected with the sand.
The height of climber: 2900 mm (tube from the ground to the top),

The height- remoteness from the ground: 300 mm,

Climbing height: 2000 mm,

Climber’s diameter: 2720 mm,

The number of rings in the horizontal position: 6,

The breaking force of plasticized braided cable: 4500 kg.


All the elements of the climber are attested and it is atested again, as a whole, after the installation.